Tuesday, July 06, 2010


out be in ... outside beside inside ... father son spirit ... the father is outside us the son beside us the spirit inside us ... that's one of those possible summaries of christianity isn't it ... certainly of our relation to the trinity ... you wonder what the will of the father is for you ... you seek the advice of jesus beside you ... but the lines of communication between you have fallen down and are broken from the years of our neglect ... entire armored corps have wasted our command and control ... we are distracted to the point of desperation by their assault ... we cannot love because we have neither peace nor time ... we were the ones who chose to do it all on our own ... now beleagured and besieged cut off and surrounded we have nothing outside or beside us to help stave off starvation and collapse ... but see up by the window of that tower the sources agree ... the way to reopen the lines of supply and communication to be given again our natural command and control ... that way is to pray ... let the spirit work inside us

cf 1. peter kreeft, reading and praying the new testament, 43; 2. thomas, compendium H3; john 4:22 + 24; weigley, eisenhower's lieutenants, the breakout and pursuit; heb 5:7, but see the next two verses

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