Saturday, July 03, 2010


carry the cross through a meat market ... be buried in a decorated tomb ... if you doubt the ripples from such a walk can wash even your sad soul clean ... if revelation does not stir you ... why not reexamine the concept and see if there's something you missed ... your life the life of the universe think of it as run on a meticulous script ... between each word and the next a natural necessary movement ... between each cause and effect ... even the contingent to an end that will be known ... not that you or I or any other creature will see it ... there's only so much space and so much time out of it we can manage ... especially now in our sad fractured state ... but if we were put back together again intellect and will even the body too ... all aligned correctly in full face of the truth ... what would it matter how little of it our frame could bear ... wouldn't what we saw make us feel it too ... and when in the midst of what calamity did the feeling of satisfaction fail to satisfy such creatures who want just to know and feel it

cf max lucado, and the angels were silent, ch 27

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