Sunday, July 04, 2010


shows how fallen we humans are we can't talk forever ... we have to go and do other things like eat and sleep ... and worse we don't want to talk forever ... just the idea of it is crazy we think ... so let me try to persuade by equivocation by an arbitrary expansion of the meaning of talk and forever ... not the kind of talk where you have to stop for water or after a few days your voice goes out from under you ... but simply a flow and an exchange of ideas themselves ... standing in their stream a baptism of truth ... which like love is eternal ... forever but not the kind of forever where you have to keep adding seconds to the count perpetually ... but a period of something like time as we know it here but in a space where other beings in the conversation have compared to us a superior intellectual nature and see the things we do but they see them in larger units and get to see them all at once ... looks to us like seeing a million years in one long second ... time slows down

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