Monday, July 05, 2010


why are the beatitudes so hard ... you'd have to be perfect to live like that ... the answer is you are perfect ... you just don't believe it ... your behavior is not perfect because you don't want it to be ... for what would that mean but that you were perfect ... and you don't want that to be ... why not ... if the first and only perfect cause made you what power could interfere ... if nonetheless he saw you falter and came down to help you left above him total perfection the glory of fruition to reason with you to tell you stories to suffer beside you why would you deny him ... at the least you should reconsider ... at the least read the record of what he said ... you won't ever get to heaven that's what he said unless you go to him ... the beatitudes are a snap if you only knew that trick ... follow him ... pay attention ... don't deaden your ears and harden your heart ... you were born for better ... you were born for perfection ... you're already perfect in your father's heart in god's womb ... you share one life with him 4/4

cf 1. peter kreeft, reading and praying the new testament, 22-23; 2. compendium 237; 3. heb 3: 14-15; 4. john 3: 3, 7-8, 11

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