Saturday, August 07, 2010


if I stop worrying they'll get me ... their no to my no ... yes to your yes let them get you even then you'll still get away ... isn't it difficult to no good end these atoms in collision these molecules in cahoots ... we can't step into the same river twice when we step into it first it sweeps us away ... I count it the greatest evil that there's a game afoot in the universe to do without me ... all my yes success ends with the day ... tomorrow there's a new plot against me ... tomorrow it's all I can do to keep up ... what I need is a sentence to remind me there's support ... when I say no and they no me in return I need a plan to fall back on ... the alcoholic says I snap my fingers and I'm ok ... it just takes a few drinks to make the fingers pliant ... the pothead says just three tokes and I'm where I should be in good conversation in good company alone in the middle of my room ... but the realist has his hour or two as well as they do ... you might as well see a spirit at the table writing you a note of encouragement or dream a dream that she did as to play the wrong language game with the right opponent ... she may be lovely but do you understand what she said

herbert mccabe, god and evil, chs 1 & 2

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