Sunday, August 08, 2010


isn't there a sense in which we say we have to see it for ourselves ... but there are times at least two when god himself says don't go down that road ... once in the garden and each day in the prayer ... when reading of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil it helps to have a hebrew scholar on the payroll or have him in a book where you can turn to him on the page who tells you this word knowledge this time out means experience ... experience as adam had of eve and she became pregnant ... it's a fruit after all and you taste it ... so it is with the prayer lead us not into temptation ... it's just after our petition deliver us from evil as part of which we pray to avoid especially the evil we find most attractive ... otherwise we're surely meant to understand good and evil ... to experience as much of the first and as little of the second as we rightfully can ... if we were a little bug with the cilia out as antennae would we have to squirm against the worst to know it better ... or are we like the angels who by reason and conception hear the voice of god

kreeft ycuot 24: gen 3; compendium 24&25.

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