Saturday, August 28, 2010


what is being ... being is god ... what are we then ... we're a kind of being a being that depends upon types classification language different kinds of things of which we're one ... in god there is no kind he's not kind of or like anything there is ... we're the kind-of-creature kind of smart kind of willing had a thought kind of like a love we meant to follow ... waking sleeping dreaming holding on more or less to being ... loving nothing better in life than patterns routines rituals just say it again and we love a little more to hear it ... but we know what in the whirl of all these flying predicates questions or doubts of who or what we are we know that we are ... here's a given ... works all the time from the morning dream when we struggle to wake to the evening muse when we fight off sleep we pass the test of self-reference ... always when questioned there we are to answer ... but listen to the syren's whisper in your ear look at the muse her lovely face smiling and say you'll give up form and all its meaning ... the most perfect form of life there is

mccabe on aquinas p31

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