Monday, August 23, 2010


there are topics to overwhelm and make boredom seem silly ... simple ideas that have within them a universe of complexity ... say this a being that knew what it loved ... whose knowledge had the power to make any object of its thought real ... who had the secret of existence ... and in its wisdom thought of itself ... complexity staring at completion ... what would such a picture look like to us ... what would we see ... see or understand ... sense and come to know ... I like them both ... knowledge true knowing we have it on this highest authority is eternal life if it knows this ... complexity what fun to follow it through to completion ... not so much fun if you find yourself in the middle of it with only a sense of how to get out ... what a relief to know there is some truth in good sense after all ... though incomplete it's a very human space ... sensitive not quite understanding ... sitting in the material bath with just the necessary hint of eternity ... not organ independent still organ transcendent ... the sensitive soul looking up lets the intellect smile at perfection

compendium 52; john 17:3

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