Saturday, August 21, 2010


we've had three cambrian explosions the first two just rumblings of the third ... the first biological explosion the second mental explosion the third spiritual explosion ... life the human mind the incarnation ... these explosions are interventions invasions which leave after them a totally altered world ... not like a comet from outer space killing a few species ... but like matter meeting new form for the first time ... like the birth of the universe and the creation of time ... if you see all this in the sense that you believe it notice for a moment just a moment let it live in time how high up is our place ... only then can we understand how far away have we gone ... when complexity of formation suddenly goes wild and the first eye makes the first star look mild ... when thought arrives to take charge and the first human to pick up the first tool to write the first word ... what can any of it mean but to prepare the way for the final explosion from which all else must follow and the empty shroud lie painted in its light

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