Tuesday, August 24, 2010


choose this day whom you will serve the world which hates you or the lord that loves you ... I said to the rock I see this pebble to your left is it your child ... the rock does not answer ... it knows no left or right because it has no mind ... if it could speak you might expect it to own or deny the child for then it would know it was a rock and that it had a real disposition to keep its members together ... as it is left and right of the rock father block and son chip aren't real relations but mental only ... fathers and sons their nose voice and character are these real relations carried through their genes or is one of them more real than that ... for what could be real if character were not ... noses and voices fade but character doesn't because it refers to a real disposition in the thing itself to something that does not fade ... this world is on the way out it's made a pact with the one that rules it that it will end like a bad idea ... a highly disturbing bold agreement to be in the world and never to get out ... pray god such a thing is mental only

joshua 24:15 in kreeft ycuot 55; john 17: 14-15; compendium 53

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