Friday, August 27, 2010


he was above average height doesn't answer my question ... it's a description what I need is a definition ... what makes him what he is ... not what did he do or what did he look like but how is it that he is ... I'd go straight to the answer to that question if I weren't always pulled off to the side and handed another warrant ... this one's big perhaps the most final ... a thing exists it says by having an essence ... my mystic foot would run by it if it could but the real one would then be left behind ... I'm saying essentially or for the most part it seems it's in my nature to think ... that is to talk to myself and others ... I don't tap my fingers across your forehead or tickle your palm I use my words instead ... I had no choice it was the way I was brought up and my fathers and mothers all the way down the line before me ... not just to know what things mean but to mean things too ... a flip of the hat a flip of the coin just these two sides ... a meaningful thing knows what it means and means to do it ... and here's the surprise ending ... that's it ... just these three ... being ... thinking ... willing

mccabe on aquinas ch 3; compendium 56

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