Monday, August 16, 2010


the immortality of our human soul ... is it a consequence of something else ... or is it just another name for necessary being ... we are now necessary ... the angels and us ... made unlike the material world of time and space to go in and out of existence ... our existence is absolute ... not by itself but by its efficient cause ... not on its own but not by secondary cause either ... absolute by intention ... now I don't know about you but for me this is at least a palace coup in the intellect ... the rebels is that what we are have broken into enemy headquarters and taken necessity as a prize ... what a celebration ... break out the ambrosia ... no wait there's a paper over here ... no no it says hold on we're getting a signal ... it says distinction transported from necessary and contingent to essence and existence ... from possibly to actually ... check your ID the commander orders ... sure enough they all read the same ... you're not all that ... thank god ... but you are necessary absolute and eternal ... not by the company that you keep but by the one that keeps you in safety and peace and existence

reading list: mccabe god and evil 91-102; john 14: 30 + 27 + 26; compendium 45; kreeft ycuot 39-40

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