Friday, August 13, 2010


I feel like three persons in one ... the animal ... stealthy forceful dangerously on the prowl ... or the reasonable one ... tends to talk a lot eats ice-cream on the couch is sentimental doesn't mind things going well ... and the spirit ... if it weren't for the spirit the whole world over and history through there'd be nothing but words and words and the inevitable violent reaction against them ... as it is and from the beginning instead there's love ... it's our built-in natural reaction to perfection excellence virtue ... it only makes sense ... what's power even when directed by reason ... if energy and the form it takes have no purpose why do they provoke such dissatisfaction ... and if satisfaction and the drive to fulfill it are just odd superfluous things what do we mean by a well-earned peaceful death ... and if death isn't a well-timed procedure to save us from a series of endless mistakes what's the use anyway of hanging on ... if there's no glory ... do the crucified heroes of history get a cool drink before they fade away ... does all desire exhale then disappear

kreeft ycuot 28-29; john 13: 31

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