Sunday, August 15, 2010


down up down again like a needle pulling thread through a cloth ... if it went on to no end if it weren't for each other down and up would look the same ... each side of the tapestry would have its vogue each side its votes ... if the colors didn't need to match if the figures didn't have to fit if there were no picture no design ... at least there wouldn't be anybody to blame ... no purpose no plan no fault ... stuck in the desert out of food and water comes the dawn ... a blizzard of manna falls from the sky ... let it melt into the dirt let it be covered in the sand ... how could you stir the intensity to rise an inch ... if you knew truth had no intention ... how could you trust it ... how could you live ... if you searched for the truth if you found it and it had no spirit no life ... if the universe gathered itself up squeezed itself dry and showered you in blessings what would you say that wouldn't be a lie ... if the truth weren't alive ... but truth to tell most of life doesn't go like that ... there are truths aplenty but small ones scattered everywhere ... we should ask for something really big

reading list: mccabe god and evil 88-89; kreeft ycuot 38; john 14: 14 & 17

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