Tuesday, August 31, 2010


they say the extreme right of the republican party is the religious right evangelical catholic christian ... but they're wrong ... the christian place in this country is neither left nor right but the center ... the left and right are secular ... the extremes are secular ... there is no extreme center ... but on the left you have the secular commune the tolerance and calm community ... and on the right the clever entrepreneurial libertarian ... extreme here now in america not for what they do but for what they threaten ... all state all party all class or all business all money and all luxury ... and in the middle in between there's the christian infiltrating both sides lifting each wing higher in the air ... and how ... by particularly specifically historically christian virtue ... by justice prudence temperance and courage ... as the ancient jew greek and roman knew as well ... but by faith in the individual soul a hope for all mankind and a love for everyone the world had not seen before

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