Saturday, August 14, 2010


my cats are smart ... each has a complete sense of who she is ... so mature is each in her self-possession they're much better attuned to space and time than I am ... so what makes me different better higher ... it's not just me ... it's what I want that makes me more important ... I want everything ... I want it all ... what the cats want is particular and they have an imperfect reason that more often than not guides them to the mark ... but their judgment is natural ... mine is rational ... penumbral but complete because it understands its limitations ... knows what it sees today is but the shadow of the thing it desires ... a partial understanding of the whole but the part it holds is the universal ... what I have is the word ... perhaps you are unimpressed think it is after all just a word these days as common as air ... fair enough I'll take it ... as necessary to our being especially to our thinking ... indeed so basic as to be noticed only when it's lost ... it's a paradise lost this world of the transcendental ... what we need to regain ... thank god for the word with the frequency of light

reading list: mccabe god and evil 83-87; compendium 43; john 14:6

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