Saturday, August 28, 2010


as I was saying every time I meant to go to the front I was given another deferment until finally I got this one on essence or nature and I figured this is surely the last ... but essence got into definition just as accident did description and I was in danger of drowning again in the sea of words befuddled again by language ... so here comes a plank busted off the broken ship of my understanding and carved in deep letters across ... it said subject/predicate asterisk footnote another hint ... I've always thought of myself in the subject manner been always aware of the dangers of slipping into predicate land where things are formal and insubstantial ... my side of the line we prefer the jolt of something we call real as in what's really worth talking about ... the subject of the sentence ... the subject we study ... the subject of our conversation ... substance so often abused but substance nonetheless ... a true individual surd ... the same after all these years of accidental gain and loss ... it is the last stop before the thing itself and look it turns out to be me

mccabe on aquinas ch 4

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