Wednesday, August 11, 2010


if you know ... god bless you ... if you do ... why does there have to be that third clause ... knowledge by itself without the need of application is such a sweet thing to lie beside ... but it seems must be the word will become the son ... the agreement to disagree must become war ... from plurality to duality to personality in between there's a battle ... we're just trying to keep the fight civil to keep it a debate ... sons of god sons of satan it's hard to please them both ... the least we all can do the moderate reasons is keep them both in school till they learn to be pleasant ... and the strategy is to keep them both talking till the end of time ... isn't it true after all some things are real because they are others because they're true ... the bat is not its species but both are real though one does depend on the other ... let's keep the wall but keep the gates open between them ... and so we should if it weren't for what he did so that among us now we must die ... it's not revenge we want ... it's to live to live forever

john 13:17; compendium 40; kreeft ycuot 28-29; mccabe, god and evil 62

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