Saturday, August 07, 2010


dreams to the soul are like sacraments to the church you can't reduce them to something else ... they are what they are first then you can put them into your theories ... it was such a relief after millenia of muddling through all that thick meaning to hear from the scientists that it was what it appeared ... that each and all these symbols together were fits of poor thinking the collapse of the intellect on its nightly way to perdition ... but one by one over half a century the sceptics began to murmur ... these records give evidence of a healthy intervention good counsels criticism and prediction ... this sleeping id is quite the artist who paints the walls of consciousness so the ego wakes to terror or delight but most often to forgetfulness ... the intellect is no lung or bladder she doesn't collapse so much as take a step back ... true when she retreats she takes the ego's main defense with her and that poor child is overrun with confusion and loss of control ... the floor of her cabin is three feet under water ... and yet not such a bad thing overall ... it was after all ground zero for much false teaching

pedro meseguer, s.j., the secret of dreams

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