Thursday, August 26, 2010


what is joy but the premature participation in breathing heaven in ... premature because for the most part we have to exhale shortly after ... heaven because we come to the true home of our subsistence ... this is a place where we do not disagree with the direction in which we're headed ... from these premature bursts of intuition I think we can all agree we have no quarrel with what we see there because we know it's complete ... which must mean that there only are we justified ... a cockroach a toad a toddler what gives them each subsistence ... I mean why do they exist as individuals with at least a flash of independence when everything is most fulfilled when most dependent on completion ... unless this independence is freely given under no compulsion and we in receipt are made free according to our nature ... we have a quarrel with what we are now but we wouldn't then ... are we less free simply because we agree with what we will do anyway ... if we know what we should do what is it that says we should not do it when we know by nature we want to

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