Sunday, August 22, 2010


take heart I have defeated the world ... I put before you today death and life choose life ... accept the question accept your failure to answer it give the whole problem up to god ... you can't solve the problem what is god if you think the answer is a simple definition that like a scientific or magical formula opens everything up ... abracadabra you snap your fingers and the world begins ... again ... such a world given its author must be a process of choosing death ... life isn't something we make or make do ... stop and consider how much of it you've controlled ... take it instead ... take life to be the answer and find it god willing to be eternal ... which is certainly one way to look at it ... but not you must admit the likely one ... the one for night and a good pipe put your feet up in contemplation of the truth ... or your fists up and join the good fight ... be not simply of good comfort the comfort of peace be rather of good cheer ... there's been a turning point the war goes on but it's won ... this is what you must accept

john 16: 31-33; deut 30: 19-20; mccabe god and evil 133

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