Monday, August 09, 2010


did god design the holocaust ... if hitler and the nazis didn't do the things they did because adam fell you have to go on and you come to spirit and god ... you can say it's the cosmic painting it has all the detail we'll ever need ... and if someone asks who did the painting you can say it's we ... we're all of us every cause and its effect we are the artist ... it would work for me ... if I hadn't already heard otherwise ... taken from the water and water is deep I heard him calling ... kneeling before I could walk I heard him talking and everyone round him one way or the other talking back ... some with vision but others blind ... solid we form round his voice preaching reaching all the way back to adam and eve ... and with the voice teaching the quasipassive intellect is flooded with light ... and still some will not see ... and we who thought we rounded in our solidarity round reality itself to take it all in hear instead the simple truth ... the father who sent me ... hear in a loud voice the word to judge us ... to give us all justice ... the father who made us

peter kreeft, ycuot, 25-6; compendium 38; john 12: 48-49.

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