Thursday, August 26, 2010


I come from a culture where we prefer to start small and build big ... the whole therefore is dependent on its parts and will change as they do ... you come upon us at a most interesting juncture when at the end of just a few hundred years we've managed to so magnify our perspective on the tiny as to say truly that we've broken through to a whole new dimension ... that's virtue's reward ... the virtue of humble doggedness its nose close to the ground ... to prove the point of the power of this new wisdom we've ripped the old structure open stuffed it with dynamite and lit the fuse ... a sunstorm may be more powerful but we're working on it ... the part along with its partners constitutes the whole ... anything else is just a vapor ... learn this lesson and you'll understand everything from nuclear physics to evolution ... the future is wide open simply because its parts have yet to come together ... still we have our witches and priests our doctors of metaphysics who cry subsistence ... the presence of the whole before its parts all the way up to a whole that has no parts ... that my friend is scientific blasphemy

mccabe on aquinas ch2; compendium 55; john 18:8a

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