Thursday, August 19, 2010


if you've been around the block often enough you can put the life you live in perspective ... you may not know the earth the planets and the stars but you know the world ... you know what it's done so far to you and you know what it's done completely to the others before you ... in each case without fail it did them all in and all the chances are it will do you too ... suddenly or in process they throw you out and you wither ... they collect us and burn us and all the promises of youth are broken ... when did it happen ... when did it turn on you ... why so suddenly do they hate you ... truth is the world hates us from the start from the moment of our conception for the type of thing we are for the type of thing the world is for the way it's run ... malum poenae the evil this world of material cause and effect makes you suffer ... malum culpae the extent to which we agree to it ... the world hates you because you are chosen ... taken from the world we remain in it ... but the world kills everything in it ... us it must murder because of its hate because we escape because we are free ... we have the likeness of perfection in our mind and the one we love loves us and pulls us out

john 15: 6 + 19; mccabe god and evil 117-118, 112-118; compendium 46

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