Tuesday, August 10, 2010


here are two straggling sentences ... we found them on the premises ... what we have in mind in our intellect is a conception a likeness well-made or marred the only explanation of its value ... eve lost faith in god and failed to trust in his advice ... the conclusion is what you see ... separated from life we die ... separated from the truth we never said we'd survive ... as the likeness fades the shadow grows and we become accustomed to the night ... and for what ... what did mother see that should have been better ... what made her think such a thing was possible ... I wouldn't look for it ... you never could find it ... it isn't there to see ... it's a loss a loss of faith and that each step of its way is to lose everything over and again ... we meet at night in a backroom den persecuted and condemned ... not for what we've done ... not for what we are ... but for what we believe ... but even now we say how can this be true ... if it were only true ... we'd take all thought captive to obey ... we'd laugh at this silly counsel to despond ... if only we were true ... faithful and true to him who loves us still right through to the end

compendium 39; kreeft ycuot 26-27; 2cor 10:5; john 13:1

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