Tuesday, August 31, 2010


why do I spend most of my thinking time talking to those who can't respond while the one who by definition must is silent ... well here's one suggested answer I'm sure it's very old ... since he must he does ... but he must not because he has to ... doesn't need to and only in an odd sense wants to ... but is and does together at once with no time in between ... fills time and space with being because that's what he is ... his being is to give ... now for an intelligent being like us what we crave the most is meaning ... and how do we get it ... do we play by the rules ... no ... the move we make is inadmissable ... we see what's inside and we know we should follow it beyond ... but we let it rebound then go around asking each other where is it ... we have a notion we say of that property properly inside and beyond but it's outside now ... outside our control ... and all we talk is against suddenly finding it ... there it is don't let on ... I see it shh no you don't ... this thing in full color bursts inside you ... it gives me pain that's what you say ... behold the man and we say crucify him

mccabe on aquinas ch 6; compendium 59; john 19: 5-6

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