Monday, August 16, 2010


faint heart weak bladder you are something like an ape and as he shouldn't hang from a cliff neither should you by an epiphany ... just think of a light shining always and you inside staring always ... but that's what language is for ... to keep us apart ... think instead little mind not of yourself but of the light ... imagine what it is not just to go on forever but never not to be the light ... you have eternity now but the light had it before ... what does that mean but that it must be something else ... gift piled on gift in all the luxury of conception and still we'd fall short ... still there'd be that someone else's talent ... still something to learn ... because though we're on now we weren't always ... but the light was ... we have a past ... not as old as an angel's ... maybe not as long as the material world's ... but the light of the world had to be on before any of these ... before there was anyone else to see ... they'll have to wean us into eternity ... unlike the angels we couldn't take it all at once ... but here it is nonetheless wrapped round our cocoon ... the word given ... the voice to wake us from amnesia

john 14:26

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