Saturday, August 21, 2010


we're like three unequal shards of glass two of them murky and one of them clear ... we have a mind and a will they don't have us ... we subsist they don't ... we all come out we exist but they exist because of us ... in the world of secondary causes we're the first the angels and us because we're closest to the First ... unlike starfire atoms and dirt it didn't take time for us to evolve ... our surroundings evolve ... it does take time for our thoughts and desires to catch up ... took time to steer these body urges ... took time to make a language to understand what they were ... but the surges and the schemes never were us ... the language didn't always fit ... we had a budget of words we could work with and still keep most of us interested ... sometimes we'd run out and have to stretch the ones we had ... got into metaphysical muddles as often as not ... a competent desire requires a description of the one to look for the one to love ... but which definition to follow ... which story to believe ... let me have the one which says there is a spirit of truth to guide us

compendium 50; mccabe god and evil 128-129; john 16: 13-15

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