Thursday, December 10, 2009


anger is nothing if it doesn't want to hate ... if it doesn't want to kill ... and if it weren't a sloppy emotional thing you could see a case or two where it might be right ... I know of one case and you probably know it too where it must have been right ... in that case it must have been an anger purified of that sloppy emotion and filled instead with a purified passion ... indeed just days from all the world's purest passion ... popper said 1900 years later kill the idea not the opponent who thinks it right ... that's what we call civilization ... but those same 1900 years before popper such a passion for truth had a better name and by far ... not historical or political or cultural ... not psychological ... not philosophical ... higher even than metaphysical ... higher only because theological ... a theological name for a theological virtue ... some say the only such to finally survive ... love of your neighbor by way of love of god and god's will ... there then in that virtue in that truth confronted by pain piss and pus the anger would be to kill ... to kill all such evil

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