Tuesday, December 15, 2009


we think so much of solidity we are from time to time startled by how much liquid we and our thoughts are from the groin to the brain ... in the same way are we so much chemical though we think we live so mechanically ... not just to bend or to grip to stand or to fall but also to provide a network of highways and by-ways for couriers and their messages for signals and sometimes an explosion of news a headline wrapping its words round the heart giving the whole organ a throb and a thud ... how do we ever catch our breath after something like that ... or simply decades of more pedestrian traffic ... from young athletes to crippled old men with the second complaining of the first leaving potholes in the road and even the corridors in their reckless parade into old age and old news ... the lights flashing on and off in a hidden sea of colors from toes to the brain the miasmic storms of the latter the kicking twitches of the former ... sprint or plod from one hemisphere to another atop a tower above an ocean whose liquid waves are dry thoughts' combinations passing

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