Wednesday, December 09, 2009


diversity makes us stronger ... democracy and equality should apply worldwide and till they do they certainly must be made to apply to everyone here within our borders citizen and alien alike ... for we are a nation of principles and these two above all others we mean to uphold ... unless we are mistaken in the definition of our terms ... which notion as a good liberal in thought and in logic I must now consider ... especially concerning the term nation ... is it in fact simply that which is ruled by its principles ... two of which no doubt should be equality and democracy ... there we should have little quibble or concern ... it's just that expression simply that which gives me pause ... it's a qualifier in the predicate that doesn't seem to do enough justice to the subject ... what is it after all being ruled so simply by these principles if by that we do not mean its people ... its citizens ... but do we mean to say of such a group of living feeling thinking creatures that they are simply ruled by principle when we know most of the time what a hard thing it is just to govern ourselves ... what mistakes what crimes and what heroic peradventure we the people share in our history

cf buchannan, state of emergency

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