Monday, December 21, 2009


what does conforming to a routine mean to an individual other than an annoyance ... especially to a distracted mind ... especially to a mind willfully distracted ... nor is such a mind unusual ... especially today ... look around you with such a will ... see what a wealth and a variety there is to attract you ... call this induction ... before the patterns are set we see them form in our imagination and luckily that's what's really happening outside our imagination ... the rain falls when we see it ... the sun sets when we don't ... you can keep the conclusions it's the evidence we want ... just the facts m'am ... but there is another way of looking at it ... once we've got the conclusion we can start to apply it by setting out to find further examples along the way ... the way of the conclusion ... call this deduction ... the sun rises setting the cobble aside from the flagstone ... and this much I can report ... one small piece of evidence my lord ... once the way is set it does give this relief ... that it gets things done ... the frustration in finding your way is relieved simply by following it ... simply because this way you actually get to move ... you go forward

cf kreeft, logic, pp 211-212

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