Tuesday, December 01, 2009


he stapled in ... spiraled in till he got to the center ... after a while there were just too many ... the jaws got full and they couldn't close ... oh that he could press them together and make everything one ... if all the opinions examples and counter-examples could just come down to one ... a consummation he realized consistent with an unhappy ending ... the spiral in might be a spiral down ... the mouth might be full with the bottom of the pit no matter how tight the fit of it full of it full of myself or any other idle thought ... being one wasn't good enough ... not if the one were false ... well actually being one is good enough for being false is never less than two ... the false one and the true ... if that were true where does falsehood go when the truth wants to be one when the truth wants to be alone ... how can the truth be alone ... wouldn't every good thing want to be there too ... and how could it have the heart or the desire to keep beauty away ... the truth must be a celebration a banquet a fiesta and a fair all in one and everyone invited ... even if all are not able to attend ... those who took a wrong turn and were stapled in before they got out

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