Tuesday, December 08, 2009


anger is a surrender a surrender to an apparent strength all too apparent all too often but in an ultimate sense ... in the immediate sense there's nothing apparent about the strength of it for nothing reflective hangs about it ... indeed it is all immediately from the moment of surrender ... that was the point of the surrender to begin the execution immediately ... reflection is left far behind but when it catches up sometimes even in time it sorts the false from the true ... easy looking back to see the difference between the two ... for only one at a time can be a surrender ... the false surrender is not immediate at all simply because it is false ... it's all divided diverted to the strength the agency in its power not the truth or the true end in its simplcity ... to serve that end it may serve in the box-like square approach the assault up front and with it well succeed ... not so the false surrender not to the end but to the means ... not to correct the injustice but to start a new one all wide and fresh off to the side ... in a dark corner where you can kill the unoffending

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