Wednesday, December 02, 2009


what is it about our consciousness that in it we can forget the miraculous ... who fled at the arrest and did not calmly follow the lord ... weren't they in the theophanous boat ... what's the good of a theophany if it doesn't have a grip ... if it doesn't take hold ... what's the logic of a creature who's seen the creator and then can say they've taken him away and given me a more important event to attend ... call it my escape and my good survival ... or was there no logic ... just the escape ... no plan ... just the hiding ... no calculation no forgetfulness just the despair ... whichever way was taken it left the lord behind ... whichever way they went they went away from everything ... perhaps they didn't know it ... perhaps they were numb with terror and didn't understand what they were running from ... but it was everything ... the logic of the subject and the runaway predicates tell us clearly what they were doing ... the mystery is why ... the wonder is how ... why having seen the alpha and the omega would you settle for an iota ... how does the opened conscious mind fall back into an unconscious stupor ... what is it we do when we forget the glory and turn from the light

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