Thursday, December 17, 2009


if god is a trinity and we're made in the image of god aren't we each a trinity ... isn't that why we're trinitarian beings with a body mind and spirit who make pyschological and philosophical theories with id ego and superego and thesis antithesis and synthesis ... why even perceptually we have it in our bones to live in a sense of time as past present and future ... or is this simply the reemergence of gnosticism today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow ... for what is gnosticism but everything not as the image of god but as god himself ... especially to the point of ignoring or forgetting the image of god's name ... if we're made in his image and the image has a name how is it that we don't know or can ever forget or ignore it ... unless that's meant to be precisely the point ... that forgetfulness and ignorance are possible only in the world of contingency and that the image of god ... call him the name of god or the word of god ... freely chooses to enter that world that doesn't know who he is or who they are or what they do ... that evolution has a point ... not to become god but to call him by name

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