Tuesday, December 15, 2009


my question is mild and when I ask it my mind is dull but simple ... my curiosity is honest uncomplicated and gentle ... what were the ancient greeks like ... what does the pope say jesus did ... what's wrong with illegal immigration besides its being illegal ... what happened to the doctor who made popular the analysis of dying ... who deserved to win the battle of gettysburg ... and when I've read the book involved two hundred three hundred pages I could have a bunch to say but be quite content in the potency of my knowledge only ... if I weren't pursued by an ambition to participate more fully ... and how does that make you feel the therapist asks ... angry is my answer ... feet pawing the ground fingers searching for something to hold onto ... wanting nothing better and nothing else than to throw myself into the thick of it ... not to pick it up in my hand to hold it up to the light poke rub spurn it ... but to go into it ... not with a part of me but all of me ... to walk the streets and go through the rooms ... to sit down and listen to them speak

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