Sunday, December 13, 2009


some will have it tradition says there are many more angels than there ever will be of us ... a surplus of angels even after we all get one ... and some more to guide us and guard us in our time and here's the catch in their time too ... it's a good idea to quarantine aliens ... you don't know what they're bringing with them and whether you can handle it ... like angel time ... not like our time but somewhere in between and smack dab in the during of which we find ourselves because of the angel assigned to stay with us in his time and ours ... now and hereafter ... for how could he leave us programmed as it were but through his own free will to love us and stand beside us ... to guard us and guide us and here's the strange part it will take angel time for us to understand to enjoy our company ... until we get to god's time which in the heart of it how could we or even an angel ever understand or presume to say what happens then with angels or with us ... in the mean time here we are in our time ... a mean time for sure ... but how much more meaningless without angels and their time to come now

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