Wednesday, December 09, 2009


one of two creatures moved some figures on a map and pointed his laser-equipped finger at a screen on the wall ... the screen responded ... it said four ... he bent down and removed a figure from the map ... the other creature said don't touch my pieces ... I'll bury my own dead ... the first creature replied that's not realistic your army will be far from the battlefield by dark ... far in retreat ... there will be no one to care for your wounded much less to bury your dead ... the second creature pointed his fnger likewise laser-equipped at the forehead of the first ... a wind blew from the four corners of the room and settled like a cloud over his brow ... above his pointing finger ... the first creature smiled ... the second creature lowered his hand but fixed his opponent with one sidelong glance from one steady beady eye ... it seemed to flash in a personal immediate code ... you come here into my land ... you take my subjects and my predicates ... you leave me nothing ... wherever you are I cannot be ... yet we are no two extremes contrarywise both content to be false together ... it is simply this ... my I will be ... your all will not

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