Saturday, December 12, 2009


angel tell me more about your kind ... not the part where you appear with two four or six wings ... not even the part when by your presence you light the room in the middle of the night so the one you love and guard can read and write ... tell me more of your kind as it is a kind of creature unlike man as man in our turn is not like any other animal ... they have instinct ... we have deduction ... you have immediate access to ideas in god's mind ... animals have a knowledge of particulars ... we have particulars and their mate universals ... you are so immensely particular you're a type a universal each to his own a species each in yourself ... animals have experience and walk the path of least resistance ... creatures of habit they run in a groove ... we're given chisels and hammers and put on our knees to clear a new path so we may stand upright to reveal the truth written in stone ... not by the accidental association of particulars but the law necessary and absolute ... but listen to me telling you who have the power of speech without making a sound ... who have chosen the truth for all time and timeless

cf kreeft, logic, p186

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