Thursday, December 10, 2009


look how much though dangerous it pays to suppose purgatory ... as an hypothesis its power to explain things is fruitful ... why this fascination with characters in history rather than in fiction ... you are preparing for your conversation with them in purgatory ... what answer to give those who call heaven pie in the sky ... purgatory ... to those who say this earth is hell ... purgatory as the way to heaven ... what do you say to those who tremble before time that vaporous but inexorable tyrant ... you say yes vaporous it's just begun to expand just waking up yawning and stretching still to get out of bed and swing its legs down to the floor and take its first step into eternity ... into purgatory ... inexorable yes it has a point ... the arrow of time is meant to hit its target and it will ... the long overarching shot straight nonetheless to heaven ... or the straight bolt into the murky dark to light light and more light ... purgatory ... and surely we're most usually too straightforward on this one topic ... too stubborn ... to take the graceful arc straight to the source ... we mostly bend and stoop crouching toward purgatory

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