Friday, December 18, 2009


in his cage he knelt to pray ... this quiet gently mannered man ... a rich man he dwelt in caves ... a poor man filled to the brim with god ... or was it just his ... his own idea of god ... no ... others would agree not his idea but their idea together ... but then too there was the wider problem ... not his alone but not theirs alone either ... the knowing and the ignorant thinking that they knew ... and when they didn't what was it that they did ... a mistaken type of idealism specifically determined and agreed in this at least ... past the senses the chariot drove back through the sun and out the other side where the life that was broken here was made whole again ... but what ... with the same kind of time going forward and never back ... the same kind of causality saying this now that ... substance and relation thought and control and influence influence everywhere falling like manna from the sky ... but with what effect here on this side up against the moon ... thoughts and bits of philosophy coming down like snow and flakes of thread from the many-colored coat ... singing kill love choose ... patience or the bomb

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