Thursday, December 17, 2009


the universe had a beginning ... all beginnings are caused ... the cause of the beginning of the universe is that which we call god ... well maybe not ... what kind of a cause are we talking about ... material formal efficient final ... suppose it's the first three but not the last ... we might this way wind up with neither a true god nor a true beginning ... just a lump of compressed matter smaller than an atom but so formally arranged that all of succeeding time and space pop out in a great explosion and spread out in a highly detailed determined development that takes billions or trillions of years before it hits critical mass and begins to pull back into its tightly circumscribed space in preparation for the next explosion in an infinite series ... or you might as well throw in a final cause of minimal intent by saying that this oscillation without further thought or purpose is the plan ... that the final cause is the efficient is the material cause is all she wrote ... she being no one at all ... that is without hearing or feeling something more

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