Thursday, December 17, 2009


without god without a benevolent designing intention behind the universe dostoevsky tells us what happens ... everything is permissible ... isn't this because without god nothing is possible ... not only the impossible but the inconceivable ... kant's antinomies spring up everywhere ... nothing gets started but everything goes ahead anyway ... the law of identity is stretched from one dimension into the next ... into so many in fact and stretched so far finally it snaps ... and all through the worlds it's passed the inhabitants are holding but one of its limp fragments ... scratching their heads and turning to fight each other over the little piece of thread each says is his own ... together they pull the pitiful remnant apart and run down the avenues and sidestreets into the forum each crying their own paeans in pride singing each in his own voice see I bring you the truth ... but A is not A and really shouldn't go on to B ... and when it does anyway repeatedly will it not sooner or later meet itself in the doorway ... each half refusing the other its self-recognition ... rejecting its own truth ... until the universes fed up turn themselves out

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