Wednesday, December 16, 2009


the scientists have their research projects and so do you and I ... sometimes our three groups have our research projects together in grocery stores gymnasiums and day-care centers ... we have a set of beliefs that we want to change add to them or pare them down and we want to know if this can be done ... the first thing to do is to see the situation as a problem to be solved ... next devise a strategy to solve it ... so we go from hour to hour and day to day ... we sleep we solve a set of problems we go to sleep again ... the sun rises the sun sets ... but it doesn't rise and it doesn't set on one set of beliefs ... all this other stuff mutability and revision is happening inside our daily set of likely assumptions ... this set of beliefs we like to tinker with and try to sell ... but not the cask of jewels in the heart and mind of the soul ... we'll take the testimony and bargain on the one set of beliefs but not on the other ... we'll sell compromise and desert the one but we will not so much as expose the other to the light and fire of interest and debate ... for what we have we can lose on good evidence but must hold on faith

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