Monday, December 07, 2009


mars and venus are two natural planets the ends as it were of our natural orbit ... just as mercury is a changeable everything is the relative point of view momentarlily in danger of falling into the absolute rejoinder of the sun ... these last two represent one end of the logical extreme just as the outer planets fade away into the dark anonymity of outer space ... the other extreme ... the cold expansion out into blank empty nothing ... far better this inner tension between sex and murder family and war than that between too much being and not enough ... or rather coming back in coming back to earth that's what we modulate that horrific tension between being and nonbeing ... the focal point being as we understand it the earth ... the thrust of the spear the thrust of the womb surely there must be something in between or all life would be just a bloody mess ... which it's not ... the point being the word just ... it's not just that ... it's only something else between the pull and the push the suck and the smack ... the elementary distinction made more deeply elemental how can that be by us ... we being now being here

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