Saturday, December 12, 2009


democracy or the republic ... justice or prudence ... caesar or cicero ... the will of the people or the constitution ... a false dichotomy with the historical allusion to a disaster of civil war assassination and execution meant to exacerbate the reason with drama and emotion to divert from the true combination ... that you can't have one without the other ... democracy and the republic ... whoa whoa I hear you say here we are together on the placid logical surface of the lake republic on board the mighty steamer democracy but who's that puffing alongside with powerful bellow bursts of good health and vitality ... it's the steamship plutocracy and her cousin ship the crown ... and see the aircraft carriers the cross and the crescent beyond them ... ah yes but look behind back there taking on water and constantly bailing out in thirty-year pails ... autocracy sinking on the horizon ... we send no ships back to pick up their survivors ... as for plutocracy and the crown look more closely ... see ... they're food and supply ... we're the mother ship with the mother load with air scouts before us

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