Saturday, December 05, 2009


these pacres are contemplative and theoretical ... all that which is applied and practical is outside but hopefully close around them ... nonetheless to tell the truth in the past it has not been so ... looking at the practical in the most comprehensive sense it would include not only that which is effective in its result but also moral ... of that which is effective toward salvation ... we must admit we have not been much effective in either sense outside these pacres just as we have not been more than hit or miss inside them ... but all this I wish now to argue is beside the point ... the point that is that is these pacres ... though they are not practical it does not mean they have no practical aspirations ... no ambition in a physical sense ... rather they take their hope from reading in general ... in fifty years the kind of effect that counts in this sense is not of the multiple choice factual variety ... not even much of the true or false kind ... the result is more nebulous than that ... not so much of nouns and verbs as of adjectives and adverbs ... not of place as much as direction ... we read I write to get the right attitude

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