Tuesday, December 08, 2009


the virtuous thing about false anger is in the response it rightfully demands even though it's false ... for all things good and bad still must serve the truth in a straight way or crooked ... all things must return to truth to touch the hem of her robe and learn to read therein their own identity before they go out again to speak truly or to lie ... and all things must give to some things round them the chance to act correctly ... so it is when false anger hovering round us ... most thickly among the poorly disposed who have not acted correctly repeatedly in the past but now are given still another chance to draw away from the nonsense just as the false spirit draws away from the truth ... to draw away from the turning away ... to draw back and to turn back ... for not in this or in anything else are we ever alone ... and not in this or in anything else are we charged alone ... to turn back ourselves and to turn back the other ... no matter how high or low his function how sharp or dull his animus against us ... to circle his waist and pull him from behind ... to cup each shoulder and push him up front ... to hold him hold him still inside

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