Sunday, December 13, 2009


are you angelophobic ... is it a serious condition ... is it fatal ... when I think of angels I think of two words private conversation ... you can jelly yourself all over in angelophobia anti-toxin kill on the first approach and go into a room alone with no outside access and have a conversation with yourself ... but you know and I know it won't be a real conversation ... for the self isn't real ... it's just you the body in the room going through the motions making the sounds as if ... or you might be an angelophiliac alone in the room thirsting for a conversation with a spiritual being ... maybe in fact having a drink with a fellow creature but one by definition neither inside nor outside the room ... a private conversation between the two of you ... then again you might be an angelofanatic with a cream too as it were an ointment or an oration a formula or just a form a pattern a ritual ... zone out zone in step aside take a vacation ... come back and ask how did things go when I was gone ... the public conversation you all had while I was sleeping in private ... did anyone mention me ... no no not necessary ... here only to serve

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